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ex1U&A (Usage and Attitude)

Research of consumers and their characteristics is necessary for increasing competitiveness, growth of profits, mitigation of the risk of spontaneous planning and incorrect positioning. U&A research includes:

  • Product awareness;
  • Attitude towards product;
  • Consumers’ behavior study;
  • Consumer’s profile / portrait description. 



ex2Brand Study

Brand study usually includes various aspects of its comprehension among representatives of target audience:

  • Brand awareness;
  • Brand image;
  • Evaluation of brand attributes, attitude towards them;
  • Brand loyalty and loyalty potential.






ex3Advertising testing

A separate line of marketing research is advertising effectiveness study – how effective are marketing communication (advertising, PR-campaign).  

The most common methods of advertising study are:

  • Advertising testing;
  • Measurement of advertising campaign effectiveness.

Measurement of advertising campaign effectiveness gives the possibility to evaluate to what extent a company reaches its target audience, to determine a level of advertising comprehensibility for consumers and a level of impulse buying.





Segmentation studies are directed, firstly, on clients classification and include:

  • consumers and non-consumers groups analisys;
  • finding priority market segments on the basis of consumers classification;
  • study of consumption peculiarities and preferences of different consumers segments;
  • study of free marketplaces.

The main aim of segmentation research – search of new free rooms in the market, through the understanding of clients needs, that are not filled with already present products / services / companies in the market.



ex5Price Studies

Price study plays an important role for marketing positions and product’s prospects, it includes:

  • competitive price survey;
  • price planning for new products, determination of a reasonable price;
  • price flexibility;
  • Perception of prices by target audiences.

The most common methods of price studies are:

  • PSM (Price Sensitivity Measurement) – price sensitivity study that gives the possibility to determine best price for a product;
  • BPTO (Brand-Price-Trade-Off) – determination of price elasticity.



ex6CSS (Customer Satisfaction Studies)

Customers satisfaction and their readiness to recommend a product, a service or a company is one of the key success criteria.

In satisfaction studies these criteria are shown as time-to-time indexes and can be included into main KPI`s of a company.

For customer satisfaction score can be used many research methods: САТІ, face-to-face surveys, focus-groups, in-depth interviews.